Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sisterhood Special Forces Unit

affectionately known as The PCD

C'mon and loosen up our buttons ...


soubriquet said...

As the only um.... "male member" of the Supreme High Council of the Sisterhood, I have to question the judgement of anybody who thinks the "Pussycat Dolls" are any sort of crack troops. Especially when you see them strutting to the rap of that abhorrent pimp/pusher/gangsta.
Why did that video not end with them showing him who's the boss by tearing him into his component pieces? why, instead, do they just writhe about moaning in constipated voices, and move as if they've got cucumbers up their butts?
C'mon Ladies, these girls are gutter-strutters, not elite forces.

Madame X said...


As the only 'male member' of the Sisterhood, may I remind you that your status on our High Council is tenuous at best and only because of my generous good will do you remain.

It surprises me, however, as you are proxy to our plans, that you do not see the merit in Specific Target Special Forces Unit. The PCD were aimed at a specific male market. They achieved their unit's objectives within a few short years and thus, were disbanded.

Whilst you might abhor gangsta rap and degrade our special forces, that is, of course, your 'manly' opinion.

PCD served its purpose. Much more than I can say about Ms. Hagen who is soooo 1980 (or earlier) and served absolutely no purpose for the Sisterhood.

Now, get back to rubbing my aching feet ... !

Madame X