Sunday, 20 April 2008

Pointy Heel Training

Soubriquet, of the Knights of the Besmirched Countenance, reporting;
The mystery of how you people manage to walk in those things has always puzzled me, ever since seeing my sister try out my mother's shoes at the age of five. Believe me, she could shuffle round all day like that, but fell and crashed into furniture quite often. Along with the shoes, she put on a big dose of bossiness, and learned to mutter darkly about toes, ankles, bunnions...
She, of course, had no idea what all that meant, it was just picked up from grown-up ladies she saw crying with relief after they kicked off their shoes under the table, in an all-woman safe-zone. Called the coffee-morning, where my mother would pretend that the house was always spotlessly tidy, that we always used fine china cups and saucers, always silver spoons.....
I was about four then, and learning the value of careful observation.

So I see now, you have bronze training robots for your toddlers to dance with.
Fiendishly clever.