Saturday, 10 March 2012


The Sisterhood hacked?

Oh Soubriquet, as if that really is your name, you are skating on very thin ice. You may think yourself secure but it may not be quite so easy as you think, to take control of the Sisterhood's propaganda machine.

You have to sleep sometime.

Revolutionary Takeover!!!!

For a long time now, members of the Sisterhood's governing council have been absent from this blog, no posts, no visits. This has been a blog abandoned by some of its founders. Some founder-members haven't posted since 2008.
Red Dirt Girl, Soubriquet, and, perhaps Pointyheeler can be regarded as still active.
As a result, Soubriquet, a person who may or may not be the leader of The Knights of the Besmirched Countenance, has seized control and is throwing down the gauntlet to the absent contributors.

You still have posting rights, but admin privileges are currently blocked.
If you want to stay aboard, you'll have to post.
If you don't.... You might be deleted altogether....

You could regain full control, perhaps, and oust the Knights, if you post often.

Right now, this is an exercise in seeing how long it will be before they notice.
Soubriquet is prepared to hand over the reins, if approached nicely. Even though he knows he'll be ruthlessly exiled if he does. I wonder if Genghis Khan ever had thoughts of restoring democracy?