Monday, 28 January 2008

Electric Light Shoes

Sistahs, Pointy Heels are overcome by yet another species of footwear. I speak of no other than the "electric light shoes"...

The electric light shoes were designed for a Japanese footwear company, Onitsuka Tiger, by Freedom of Creation.

The shoe is 3 feet long and contains a miniature city inside, the stripes resemble streets and highways and tall building point out from the shoe’s opening. The huge shoe is intended to communicate Onitsuka Tiger’s Japanese roots.

You tell me, sistahs, no matter how bright and pretty, can we allow this sort of thing - especially if it insists on delivering itself without a pointy heel in sight?


Reading the Signs said...

Fantastic, I want some. Especially as they have no heels. Look, sisters, I've got Morton's toe syndrome, meaning flat shoes good, high heels bad. But am I bothered? Nope.

soubriquet said...

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Don't be silly, anon, this blog won't host your nonsense. Now fuck off.