Saturday, 8 March 2008

"Dorothy Discovers Joy in Oven-Cleaner Fumes"

Pausing for a sniff in the cleaning products aisle, Dorothy decided to shorten the "little black dress"...
Then, inhaling deeply from the opened bottle, she flew.
And was free at last.


Calender Minder said...

Brothers and Sisters:
Monday would be a good day to remember that one of your cadre (she in Red, waxing poetic) has a birthday. I think she's turning 25? Pause, and remember.

I dare any of you to send her a picture of some wonderful shoes, probably made for walking, in high style.
I double dog dare you

rdg said...

dearest calender minder ..

yes, monday was correct .... just a month off - it was April.

here in the field, preparing recruits, re-writing our field manual, and trying to absorb the sun (with sunscreen on, of course!)

i discovered quite by accident a sight to behold: a south of the border cowboy walking a rooster as big as he!! Yes, ladies... I do believe we have this area of the world taken care of for now: we have the men leashing their cocks and taking them out for walks ...

heh. (and you thought i might be slacking!)

i thank you for the birthday wishes...alas, no shoes. A disgruntled fan emailed me and said : Sisterhood Solidarity?? bah humbug ....

no worries, sistahs - this girl received plenty of cash .....(evil grin)

my love to all,
commander in field
red dirt girl

Dore said...

Good words.