Saturday, 17 November 2007


You can think what you like
you can say what you mean
Don’t twist me with your blatant lies,
or take the line between

You can spread me like butter
and fill my ears with charm
your words will never haunt me
my heart you’ll never harm


Do you still think I’m a babe?
Let the gorgeousness shine through
Flattery might get you somewhere
if I was going there too

You can coax all you will
you can wheedle, you can whine
I’m old enough for wrinkles so
don’t try to take what’s mine


Do you still think I’m worth it?
You seem to relish the pain, of
rejection and denial,
whilst I remain the same

And I will,
for some time to come,
be wild, seductive, free.
I am not what you are looking at
your eyes do not see,
that beneath this painted face
hides a completely different me.

(dug this up from ages ago, hope it compliments Cailleach's offering)


Water Baby said...

I love this, I've never visited the sisterhood before though I have heard great things about yall! This poem is great, it makes me feel ... alive? Like a woman, something I'm fairly new at!

Cailleach said...

I remember this one - I love it still!