Wednesday, 7 November 2007

There is more than one way to skin the cat...

Don't mess with this Sister.
Best to roll over and play dead.
She knew how to get her man and get him sorted... and she did it in pointy heels too.

Note, she protects him...

He never stood a chance.

He thought he could outwit her, but sisters are smarter by far.

One of the ultimate Sistah's, not a lady you'd mess with...

Pointy Heels rule.
Nuf Zed.


Mildred X said...

ahhh well done CnC of the Pointy Hats org. WELL DONE.....

yes, THIS sister embodies all the qualities: fine assests, intelligence, grace under pressure, SKILLS ... that a SISTAH needs to subdue our opponent. And subdued her opponent - SHE HAS.

Last time I saw Brad, he was carrying 3 diaper bags, 2 strollers and had a pacifier stuck in his mouth ... whilst Dear Angie nodded and flirted with the media.

Ladies - A role model ! Study her ways carefully and never forget:

We will stop at nothing less than world domination ..... (well...we are already almost there .....)

Mildred X

steve said...

Skin it back. The cat.