Thursday, 8 November 2007

our secret weapons ...

Our latest commander in from the fields, Pointyheeler,
has requested aid in her ummmm, undergarment needs .....
a pointed bra you ask, dearest sistah ???

Well, please refer to your SoPH training manual,
chapter XIX, section 64:
Undergarments: A Sistah's Best Kept Secret

(weapon, that is, Ms. Pointy).

In the meantime, here are a number of models
the sistahs have developed over the years
as part of our finer line of defense against the Brotherhood.
I'm certain ONE of these will meet your more than
exacting standards of dress code......

Please children, these are NOT toys
but true WEAPONS
of a military nature and should be treated with the respect
and care all firearms deserve.

I believe this might be the one you were searching for, Sistah PH ???
Our "Pink Coney Island" bra.

Our ace "Polaroid Cone Cup" bra: delivers a blinding flash of light
at a moments notice.

Our "Hands Off, Besmirched Brothers" model.

Our "Infrared Night Light" bra, also useful as a game
during those tiresome stake-outs.

Our "Fit Right In at The Brotherhood Club" bra,
best used for camouflaging.

An example of a "MacGyver Bra" - when in dire need
and no standard issue bra is available, Sistah -
use whatever is at hand to defend those bosoms, dear !!

The Sisterhood strikes again !!

Our latest technology in "Weapons of Mass Destruction"


Minx said...

It never ceases to amaze me, the bra-very of our women in the field. I am off to purchase a weapon of choice (again).

steve said...

Ya know what I miss?
I miss panty-lines!
I ain't seen a panty line since i don't know when.
I crawl on my belly just to see a panty-line.
Its got me feelin' a little Besmirched.
Yeah, Besmirched, thats it.

secret Squirrel said...

I know where theres a whole pusse' of panty lines....

Cailleach said...

Is there room for a sistah of a slightly less pointier than average heel - I'm thinking 40s style here...?

Knight Of The Besmirched Countenance said...


secret squirrel said...

do you have something with a bushy tail?