Monday, 5 November 2007

Only the BALLS Should Bounce.........

Sistah Prop A. Ghanda posted the story of the 'Ball Bra'.
Very useful, I am sure.
A few years ago, there was a spate of injuries amongst the sisterhood, caused by uncontrolled bouncing.
Tennis players, joggers, athletes of all sorts, and all manner of sistahs breathed a sigh of relief as Anna Kournikova demonstrated, at Wimbledon, that the dreaded bounce could be tamed. Of course, sticky tape, tight bandages and body armour do the job, but Kourni was chosen to accept a large lump of money from Berlei, and put their de-bouncing sports bra to the test, watched by the world, on the centre court at Wimbledon.

She, it, um...they, were doing quite well, until the umpire called out "New balls please!", and a spectator, (who the Brotherhood of the Besmirched Countenance claim not to know), leapt onto the court to offer new balls.
Sistahs, -as anyone who observed closely will tell you, these balls were far from new.
The umpire was not amused, matadors were sent in to capture the offender as he repeatedly hurdled the net, demonstrating his complete disregard for the comforts of the Ball-Bra.

He was fast, acrobatic and elusive....But ultimately not elusive enough.
The streaker had a slogan written upon his chest....

But remember, Sistahs. Streaking is not just for the boys.


Minx said...

Fabulous breasts and fabulous shoes - well done that Sistah!

Chi-Ching said...

But streaking girls look so much more attractive then streaking boys. Sistahs just have a better body design.

red dirt girl said...

LOL ... boys will be boys.

I believe she AND ms. Anna can both be cited for having lovely "assets", personally.

Bottoms up, girls!!!

Commander Ivor Bygnutz said...

The BBC take no responsibilities of the actions of an individual. Representatives were there that day but in a purely observational manner.